Franck Valat, offering 3 of his minimal, deep and intense tracks and without forgetting a superb remix by Agaric, who needs no introduction.

“Kickin”, a slower atmospheric and deep house track, is right at limit of the big room (the good limit of course). We look forward to listening to it at Berghain, just to see the hairs stand on the back of our neck.

Valat, in his “Night Train” (to nowhere?), underpinned by a deep and powerful kick & hypnotizing sirens, takes you on a journey to his inner universe, to a meeting with our inner souls, till the end of the night.

“Put it Together”, in a more minimal tech house vibe, presents itself like an ideal and infallible tool, which will fit all crafty and creative hands.Agaric’s Remix, slightly dreamy and a touch tribal, with its relentless Bass,  will make more than one dancefloor fall under its charm.

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