First Podcast of the year made by our team member Kayode.
Origin from the south of Spain, Kayode grew up with an Afro-Jazz culture transmitted by his father. It was in 1994/95 when he arrived in Paris that he obtained his first Tape-K7 transmitted by his mother entitled ”Techno” recorded from a radio show. He likes to travel and with music he will do the same through various styles such as: Hip-hop, Dancehall, Rock, Reggae, Afro, Latino and for sure Electro …
First inspired in Hip-Hop production with his brother, both will also try a groovy Bass/Drums duo. It is then with friends that he will travel the Caribbean music road.
Kayode likes to dance, while frequenting underground scenes.
In order to find the right balance between all of this and with infinity possibilities of expression. It is through House and Minimal that in 2020 he decides to pilot the ship of this journey and explore all its sounds of the past mixed with those of the future.
Kayode prefers to talk about influences and musical history than specific references names:
”I really like both old-school and new-school DJ/producers.”
”Thank you, Chicago, Detroit, L.A & N.Y, Berlin, London, Bucharest, Paris and more … for revolutions and evolutions…”

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