Deep love, dedicated passion, full determination and noteworthy club culture. With these features Morbidyne’s founder Vesy moves his first steps in the electronic music scene. He starts his dj/producer career in 2010, based in Milan, where he shares the dj booth and the studio with Ricky Leo, co-founder of the duo Flatless. At the end of 2014, Gabri begins his solo career as Vesy. He starts traveling and visiting some of the world’s best clubbing scenes like Chicago, Detroit, Ibiza, Lisbon, Berlin, collecting gigs in small underground parties and bigger clubs like Spybar and Primary (Chicago), Kremlin (Lisbon), Drugstore (Belgrade) and Tipic Club (Formentera) to name a few. In Milan he uses to perform for the best underground parties in town.
You can find him on Fantastic Friends Recordings album sampler vol.1 in digital format with his Mood Swing track and soon again on the label.

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