New release V.A – Hashtag House

Do you remember when House was Funk? Do you remember when House was Disco? Before House was Disco! For a change, Fantastic Friends takes you on a journey through some of our roots and influences with a selection of artists and tracks paying a hommage to good old House Music as we like it! “HateLate – SuperChicos” – Shaft meets CHiPs, very funky disco track, sounding so warm and old-school, we can almost hear the dust on the vinyl! “Suburb Beat – C’est la vie”: lovely smooth latin-influenced house music making you feel like dreaming of a dancing in a conga line through the jungle, with a huge smile on your face. “Chuck No – Be on Move” takes us in a slightly darker direction, with more authority, sounding something like the Chemical Brothers meets Les Rythmes Digitales meets Daft Punk! “Lotche – Street Soul” is a generous masterpiece with a rich instrumentation, subtle chords and carefully placed vocal samples throughout the clever 7-minute arrangement – uplifting and efficient, yet very interesting without being obvious at any point!

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