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Next year, we are honored to have Silat Beksi on Fantastic Friends as Remixer.

Check this interview to know more about this genious :

Biography : An Ukrainian DJ since 2003, Silat Beksi is a new name in the underground scene. He made his debut in 2013 with releases at Moral Fiber, Sakadat and Body Parts Records, to name just a few. Silat Beksi is part of Tzinah Records and Mulen Records, where he chose to release his first album in 2014. After this, Silat Beksi goes vinyl-only, releases his personal imprint, forms pleasant collaborations, and is being played and supported worldwide at the best underground and unique after-hour moments. With Tzinah’s Family support and influence, as well as a house & techno approach to his DJ style, Silat Beksi is producing mesmerizing sets by blending breakbeat vibes and special (imprinted) textures with sounds made to lose oneself on a dance floor.

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