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Fantastic Friends’ driving force Nicolas Duvoisin makes a long-awaited return with a solo EP after his successful “Touch The Sky” release early 2019.

Moody, serious, yet trippy and engaging, with a solid backbone and scattered old-school movie dialogue excerpts, “Hive” is a piece that will please the fans of his trademark minimal driving music!

“Blue Turtle” is a pretty straight-forward tech-house groover with decent amount of punch! From the start, the modular-sounding glitchy microsamples set a particular mood, nicely complemented later on by the dubby delayed vocals and rhode chords – this one is sure to make an impact.

To complete the release, we have a very uplifting remix of “Hive” from Juliche Hernandez with a really positive housey and Lauhaus on the other hand offers us an intense sick and dark take on “Blue Turtle”, wow!

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