New release Modeling Motion – Fric Frac

After his “And The Forty Thieves” release a few weeks ago, Modeling Motion is already back with a new package. Interwining rhythmic patterns and a rolling bassline carry us at a steady pace through Fric Frac’s moody deep vibes. Clever synth stabs, deep atmospheres and a nice vocal hook contribute to an overall mental feel, somewhere in between Breaks, Deep House and Tech House. Oz takes the energy level up a notch with a sense of crazyness, also showcasing Modeling Motion’s taste with rich arrangement featuring several synths, pianos, crazy FX and an ever-evolving 303-type hook. To top this off, we have Nicolas Duvoisin offering a more minimal, dubby, bouncy take on Fric Frac, sure to seduce the smaller, later hours public.

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