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New release Dachshund – Feel EP

Presale here :

Few of our friends have been working with us since day one so it is with great pride and emotion that we welcome our “very fantastic” friend Dachshund back on the label. The Geneva artist graces us with two originals that we simply had to feature on our Limited catalog.

“Dream” is a nice bouncing shuffled groove with a hypnotic loopey character to it, smoothly arranged with scattered delayed vocals creating a clever yet slightly confusing “smokey” club atmosphere.

“Feel” is nothing short of a true masterpiece of electronic music. A “pizzicato” stripped-back dry beat and metallic modular sounding percussions take us on a mental and disconcerting trip. We litterally fell in love with this number – it’s dark but not too dark and its insane synths and vocoders abruptly making appearances almost scared us at times: very entertaining! Perfect for the early hours of the morning, keeping the mind’s attention and the hips in motion. Nothing is obvious, each role is interesting and perfectly executed. Thank you!

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