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▷ The Bar ⌾ Enjoy fresh drinks at a reasonable price all night long
▷ The Food Truck ⌾ Taste some delicious food and strike back the dance floor fully recharged
▷ The Pool ⌾ Refresh yourself in the pool surrounded by the nature
▷ Camping ⌾ Make yourself confortable in our large private parking area with ocean view and relax
▷ Transport ⌾ Shared Taxi Service is available on demand 👉 @camisfalcin

Join the crew and support underground electronic music in Fuerteventura!

Guest✨ @philippe_liard
Guest ✨ @vlf_ro
From @dcs4agency

Euphorbia crew 🌵 @j.e.m.official by @marie_husson & @nikola_angelov / @i_marrrr / @mauriziolee / @kim.com_official

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