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Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else was one of the first artists to support Fantastic Friends Recordings. He produced remixes for Daschund’s FFR 002 “Anonymous Taxidermy EP” in 2009, Marcelo Rosselot’s FFRLIMITED 003 “Fela” in 2014, Nukem’s FFRDIGITAL040 «1977» in 2015 and co-produced FFR 006 “Under My Glass EP” in 2011 with Nicolas Duvoisin. He was the founder of the US Vinyl FoundSound label and much loved digital label Little Helpers. Nicolas (who released the last record on FoundSound in 2012) remembers him as a nice guy who loved to share moments of life outside of music. RIP Someone Else, we will never forget you. Listen Someone Else Podcast recorded in 2010 for Fantastic Friends Recordings : @ 5 years

Sean O’Neal aka Someone Else fut l’un des premiers artistes à soutenir Fantastic Friends Recordings. Il a signé les remixes du FFR 002 de Daschund «Anonymous Taxidermy EP» en 2009, du FFRLIMITED 003 de Marcelo Rosselot «Fela» en 2014, du FFRDIGITAL040 de Nukem «1977» en 2015 et co-produit avec Nicolas Duvoisin le FFR 006 «Under My Glass EP» en 2011. Fondateur du label US Vinyl FoundSound et du label digital Little Helpers, Nicolas Duvoisin (qui signa le dernier EP sorti sur FoundSound en 2012) se souvient de lui comme un gars gentil qui aimait partager des moments de vie en dehors de la musique. RIP Someone Else, nous ne t’oublierons jamais. Ecoutez le Podcast de Someone Else enregistré en 2010 pour Fantastic Friends Recordings : @ 5 years

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